[SSKIN] GirlsGeneration_001 2.14


Asia’s No.1 Girl Group! Girls' Generation!!

You can now make your smart phone more stylish with SSKIN Butterfly Theme.
New functions and contents of the SSKIN Butterfly Theme, you can make your smart device a real special.

▶ SSKIN Girls' Generation Theme
The Korean wave leading!! The Girls' Generation theme with multi wallpaper.
1. Girls' Generation Multi Wallpaper
2. Girls' Generation ICON
3. stylish SSKIN Widget

▶ The SSKIN Butterfly is now Opened!
The SSKIN is proud to present its new service with name of the SSKIN Butterfly in Android Market.
You can add some artistic sensitivity on your smart phones with the help of the SSKIN Butterfly’s new functions and contents
Once you install the SSKIN Theme Shop, you will see all-you-have-to-know about the SSKIN Theme Service.

▶ What is the SSKIN Widget, Liveback Theme(=a Multi wallpaper and a Live wallpaper)?
The SSKIN Widget is a widget that the SSKIN Theme provides. Every theme has its own design that goes with its theme.
In this SSKIN Widget, you have…
A Digital Clock, an Analog Clock, and a Search Bar.

Have you ever wanted to have a wallpaper that changes? Here you can see the SSKIN that has a live wallpaper
In this SSKIN live wallpaper, you have…
A Live wallpaper and a Multi wallpaper (=Liveback)

When you set a Multi wallpaper, you will have different images in every page.

▶ New Functions of the SSKIN Butterfly
1. Extended Dock Bar
You can now add up to 9 applications to your Dock Bar.
(Flick your dock bar to see the applications you added)
2. Opacity Level of Widget and icons
You can set the level of opacity of widget clocks and icons as well as live wallpaper at the home screen.
(Scroll up of the home screen dock bar to see the setting window)
3. Advanced Program Manager
You can manage programs that are current running in an application window.
(Application>”Storage” in the bottom)
4. Convenient way to Make Folders
With a “Drag and drop”, you can current a folder. Manage your smart phone applications list smarter.
(Drag an application to another application, and you will make a folder automatically)

▶ How to use the SSKIN Butterfly?
1. Type SSKIN and search it in the Android Market
2. Download the SSKIN Butterfly and install it
3. Press the “Home Button” and set the SSKIN Butterfly as basic value
4. Menu>SSKIN Setting>SSKIN Theme Manager

* Visit SSKIN Theme shop and you can have many SSKIN themes.

▶ Attention
-The SSKIN Butterfly is optimized to the Android Version of 2.3(Ginger Bread) and 2.2(Froyo).
-The application needs 10 MB in total to save theme resources. Please make sure to secure enough space before installation.
-Icons that are used in the SSKIN Theme service is those of Android basic icons.
-When you would like to install another theme, go to “My Application” and re-install it.

▶ Supported Devices
SHW- M110S (Galaxy S), SHW-M250S (Galaxy S2), SHW- M130K (Galaxy K), SHW-M130L (Galaxy U), Nexus One (Nexus one), SHW- M200S (Nexus S), HTC Desire (HTC Desire, HD A9191 (HTC Desire HD), SKY IM- A650S (Vega), LG- LU2300 (Optimus Q), LG-SU660 (Optimus 2X)

Last Updated:2011-09-18 19:05:09
File size:6.79MB
OS:Android 2.1 and up

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